Would everything be alright with gold?

Anyone who believes that humankind has always had to grapple with the phenomenon of inflation is wrong, as a recent study proves. But now that inflation is here, will we ever get rid of it? Cryptocurrencies could play a role in this.For the Germans, the hyperinflation of the twenties is still a traumatic memory, it is said. That is why the desire for price stability in this country is one of the most important needs of citizens. For the many critics of the modern monetary system who hold the paper money of central banks for air numbers, and who want a return to the gold standard, offers a recent study by the Deutsche Bank a few interesting insights and arguments: In the past, certainly not everything was better – but some beautiful!

Inflation, a gift of the 20th century

Until the beginning of the 20th century, prices had not only risen extremely slowly, they had stagnated even over long periods of time, the experts write in their study “History (and Future) of Inflation”. In the current time, the historical figures presented by Deutsche Bank for Great Britain are hardly believable. Between 1800 and 1938, prices remained virtually stable there.But then it really started: Since 1938, prices have increased about 50-fold, that is, 4,885 percent. Only in the course of the 20th century had it come to inflation worldwide, according to the observation of the experts.