Today’s financial system is at the end of its rope | Harald Seiz sees gold as the currency of the future

It is a fact that the world is in the midst of a radical change and that these changes will also inevitably affect today’s financial markets. According to Harald Seiz, a second, alternative financial market has long since emerged and is being used by more and more people. Harald Seiz is the founder and CEO of Karatbars International, founded in 2011, and the author of several books that examine the financial market and the frightening truth about our monetary system. But Harald Seiz is not a man of dystopias. When he executes a problem, he puts forward a solution directly behind his thoughts and shows in this way how every person can secure his financial future.

Gold is at the top of Harald Seiz’s agenda. However, he sees the stable value of precious metal not only as an investment in tangible assets, but also as a means of payment that will prevail in the future and revolutionize the financial industry. The foundation stone is already laid with Cashgold and the GoldCard. Being a visionary, Harald Seiz is constantly developing new ideas and his Karatbars products are far from being at the end of the line of his trend-setting developments.

Harald Seiz

Gold for everyone: A statement by Harald Seiz

Harald Seiz has been observing the financial market for a long time and knows which direction the population’s liquidity is taking. The departure from the conventional monetary system has been unstoppably on the rise for several years, as the great interest in investments in gold and real estate, but also the concentration on cryptocurrencies, shows. This is not surprising, as Harald Seiz knows and comprehensively describes in his published books. All state currencies are debt money and are based on a promise that cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand there are the products of the Karatbars, which contain a real value through 24-carat fine gold in the smallest denomination. According to Harald Seiz, this has the advantage that the owner of Cashgold not only invests in stable values, but at the same time has a globally valid means of payment at his disposal. When Harald Seiz first spoke about his visions, some people around him ridiculed him. But he didn’t let himself be put off and from the beginning stood behind his idea, which established itself within a short time and convinced even the most stubborn of critics.

Gold is crisis-proof and future-proof

History has shown why gold is the only real crisis currency. While disasters, political decisions and wars devalue a state currency overnight, the precious metal retains its value and is stable. However, according to Harald Seiz, conventional gold bars are not suitable as a means of payment. The denominations that are too large make it impossible to buy food and make purchases in everyday life. Harald Seiz has put his thoughts on gold as a means of payment into practice and thus turned his idea into a tangible reality for everyone. Harald Seiz continues to pursue his mission and is highly dedicated and passionate about spreading gold as a means of payment in all countries of the world and thinking about the future even in the present. There will always be crises and, according to Harald Seiz, the conventional financial system will always take the path it has taken in the past.