Is gold overvalued?

It is not surprising that we also have our limits of patience, even if they are certainly higher than most investors, purely for professional reasons. We have already seen too much. What gold has been delivering for over eight weeks is and remains a cheek. We have now examined everything again and left no option, whether bearish or bullish, untouched.


Floods of money

Fundamental is the argument that in the gigantic flood of money, the corona crisis, the economic crisis, a credit crisis that will surely soon begin (Spain and Italy are almost bankrupt) the banquet for a gold and silver rally is directed and everything points to a substantial rise with great momentum. Let’s throw the general uncertainty and rising physical purchases into the fundamental stew.

What happens when the Corona crisis is over, the stock prices are not falling and the uncertainty of the population is easing again? Just suppose it would be so, what happens to the metals that have not got their ass off the sofa despite a bundle of over bullish arguments? Technically we are overbought on the four day chart and even on the monthly chart. The indicators turn down. The last time this was the case was in late 2011. Do you remember what happened then?