Gold as a currency – Visionary Harald Seiz believes in tried and tested methods

For centuries, gold played an important role as a means of payment. Those in possession of gold were solvent and could exchange the precious metal for goods and services whenever they wanted. Monetary and financial systems of the conventional market can disappear and be “impacted” by external influences such as wars or geopolitical crises. In contrast, gold is stable in value, has a long-standing history in payment transactions and has proven to be extremely crisis-proof. “We should return to the point where we can purchase and pay for goods with real gold,” says Harald Seiz and sees the shiny golden precious metal as the only true and secure means of payment of the future.

Why gold is a justified crisis currency

The precious metal is currently playing a key role in good investment portfolios. Yet it is not generally accessible due to the high denominations of bars and bullion coins. A further problem of these denominations is based on their high value, which is only “exchangeable” in its entirety, as a gold bar is not divisible. Harald Seiz, founder and CEO of Karatbars International, has developed gold for everyone and produced bars in the smallest denominations. Implemented in notes reminiscent of conventional banknotes, this gold is a forward-looking and a highly stable means of payment. Why gold of all things? There are also other precious metals, but none have proven to be as stable as gold in the past. In times of low interest rates and the insidious loss of savings, there is a growing focus on gold investments. But the large and unwieldy bars or the weighty collector’s coin are only suitable to a limited extent, if at all, for exchange for a current currency or payment for products. Harald Seiz sees gold as a forward-looking currency that outlives any financial system and ensures that in currency crises the proprietor and gold owner retain their ability to act and pay. All of the world’s classic monetary systems are debt currencies. It is paper with the imprint of a number which indicates the equivalent value, which is actually backed by no real value. Inflation and the complete devaluation of currencies are only possible in this way, as Harald Seiz points out looking back on history and the great German inflation.

Gold then and now

Those who were in possession of gold in the past could pay and maintain their lifestyle status despite complete currency devaluation. Those in possession of gold today can watch the forthcoming changes in the world with greater ease.

The visionary and gold connoisseur Harald Seiz sees in this precious metal more than a financial investment for retirement provision. In times of crisis, which tend to repeat themselves in throughout history, gold represents a liquidity reserve. In order to maintain solvency and be able to respond in all situations, the smallest denominations are of the utmost importance. Gold as a currency has potential and will play a significant role in the financial market of the future. The large interest in Karatbars gold products speaks for itself and also confirms the words of Harald Seiz in which he advocates the possibility of securing the liquidity of all people with gold. Because of its rarity alone, the precious metal can never devalue or lose its greater value. In times of crisis, the opposite actually happens – gold palpably increases in value.