Dutch Football Association successfully tests Blockchain tickets

As part of its innovation project “Change the Game Challenge”, the Dutch Football Association KNVB has also tested fan ticket sales via blockchain. The goal: to curb the black market. The aim is to make it impossible in the long term to resell coveted football tickets several times at completely inflated prices.

The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) has successfully tested blockchain tickets in the qualification match between the Netherlands and Estonia for the European Championship. The KNVB has been working for some time to reduce blackmarket trading and ticket fraud, the blog Ajax Life reported first.


A small group of football fans were able to buy tickets for the European Championship qualifying match between the Netherlands and Estonia at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam via a smartphone app. The fans had to show the app at the entrance instead of the usual printed PDF files. However, the app only generated the correct ticket barcode if the visitors were within a certain period and radius of the stadium on the match day. Therefore, the football fans were already located before they entered the stadium.

Therefore, the tickets could not be resold during the test. However, a sale was not completely excluded, provided that it complied with the KNVB regulations, the Football Association announced. Of course, the tickets could also be passed on to family members.


Previously, UEFA had also used ticket sales via the blockchain for the Super Cup.


After the end of the test phase, the KNVB wants to decide whether the innovations of the Change the Game Challenge will be further developed with funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

A spokeswoman for the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam told Ajax Life:

“Ajax itself is also examining the possibilities for implementing improvements. If we learn something from this experiment, we will share the results with the club.”


The distribution of collectibles via the blockchain has also become one of the most popular applications for football clubs. Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, West Ham United and Manchester City have signed corresponding contracts with Blockchain companies.

The fact that the Blockchain test also proves to be a good solution for football tickets can hardly be doubted on the basis of international examples. Ticket sales via the Blockchain are now developing into something like a standard application.

Whether Broadway tickets, train tickets or tickets for air traffic: most companies that sell tickets are now considering switching their processes to the blockchain.