CASHGOLD vs. Diamonds and Real Estate – Investments of the Future

The new book by Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz, founder and CEO of Karatbars International GmbH, causes a sensation. Current trends among investors are clearly real estate, but also diamonds.

The book by the author, who is also the developer of Cashgold as a visionary currency with a gold component, takes up current problems and goes into depth. How safe are diamonds and are they suitable for investment? What (not to be excluded) bloody storyadheres to diamonds and how can you tell if it is a real gemstone or an overpriced diamond? And in any case: Are diamonds suitable as crisis-resistant investments?

In the book Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate the reader gets answers to his questions and gets to know the diamond trade from a new perspective. The real estate industry is also in cash gold vs. diamonds and real estate by Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz in focus. Purchase prices are currently far too overpriced, Harald Seiz pays great attention to the risk of a loss in value due to a real estate bubble and investment on credit. Who looks for the safe haven for his money and who wants to think in terms of the future, finds in Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate a guide that shows him new ways and breaks out of conventional thought patterns.

What cash gold vs. diamonds and real estate is all about

The reader should know that the micro currency Cashgold was developed by Dr. Seiz’s own company Karatbars International GmbH. But anyone who now believes that the book “Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate” is advertising for his product is mistaken. Beginning with an assessment of the current world situation, the author leads to the fears and worries of the population. The topics are the concern about the abolition of cash, the influence of crises on one’s own security and the infrastructural development of the world. Seiz picks up on crisis scenarios and shows solutions. He tells the story of diamonds and the diamond trade, reports on real and fake diamonds and questions whether the gemstone is really suitable as a crisis-proof investment. Following the same concept, he rolls up the real estate business and talks about the fact that the majority of all investments in real estate are made on credit. If one then adds the bureaucracy and realistically assesses the risk of missing rent payments due to impoverishment of the population, the following changes occur the perspective of real estate as a safe investment. The book Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate is interesting for readers who want to broaden their horizons and explore new options.

Excessive property valuations and value stability of gold in comparison

It seems simple, after all, the media is full of information about far too high real estate prices, the overvaluation of real estate and the risk of a real estate bubble. On the other hand there is gold, which is denominated in the micro currency of Karatbars International GmbH by Harald Seiz in an important position. Cashgold is also a currency in terms of today’s cash, which is significant in the present as well as in the future. While paper money has no real equivalent value, the value of a Cashgold note is linked exactly to the amount of 24 carat gold it contains. This means that the owner of Cashgold is always solvent and does not have to fear inflation. To introduce the reader to Cashgold and the philosophy behind the Karatbars International GmbH, the author also cuts through the history of his company in Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate. Last but not least, Dr. Seiz draws a direct comparison and shows how you can really achieve security in times of crisis. Neither real estate nor diamonds cut off here as a risk-free investment. Cashgold, on the other hand, combines the desire for a stable tangible asset with a crisis-proof and currency-independent means of payment.