Bitcoin Ladies: How more and more women are conquering the crypto market

Men talk about cars and soccer – women talk about shoes and nutrition. Fact or cliché? Of course a cliché, a widespread assumption that is simply taken over carelessly. But still, unfortunately, it is the sad truth: women are significantly less interested in Bitcoin and crypto than men. An attempt to explain and a search for a way out. A plea for and to our women, friends, mothers, sisters and aunts. And above all to those who already understand Bitcoin and believe in the idea of ​​freedom behind it.


Bitcoin has big design and explanation problems

We have a problem: the essence of good design is to choose a metaphor that meets expectations. At Bitcoin, Satoshi has probably given more thought to technology than design. Bitcoin suggests a physical coin, just a coin. A coin that you can only buy as a whole. People are often put off by a BTC price of e.g. 6300 € to see. So much money for a single coin? The fact that you can divide and buy Bitcoin in millionths is an important piece of information that is already unknown to many beginners.


Bitcoin should be accessible to everyone, women and men!

Must man? Do you have to understand Bitcoin in all its technical depth and delicacy? No, rather not. Do all male Bitcoiners understand it 100%? Definitely not. Why the scene is dominated mainly by men is probably due to the technical affinity of men.

Let’s take the car as an example. A car mechanic explains to his customers what he repaired yesterday: “So then I cleaned their throttle valve, replaced the lambda sensor and screwed the connecting rods back onto the crankshaft.”

Who should understand that? The mechanic would rather say: “The car is now accelerating properly. In addition, it no longer smells and smokes like a coal-fired power plant and no longer sounds like a tractor. ”Any layperson can do something with it. Pictorial explanations are therefore the key to understanding complex topics like Bitcoin.


BTC explain: not with technology but with pictures

Unfortunately, as a Bitcoin and crypto-convinced person, you are in a dilemma that many readers have probably experienced firsthand. Finally someone at a family party asks about Bitcoin! And now you should explain everything and ideally be available as an investment advisor. Often, in this brief moment, you can barely pack the scope and revolution of Bitcoin into compatible snacks. During the explanation, you throw around with technical terms and act more like a confused conspiracy theorist than a well-informed future visionary. It is hardly surprising that women are particularly put off by the topic of Bitcoin.

Now the topic of freedom, independence and money is really so important that everyone should know about it and not just men interested in technology! So here is the call to everyone: Spread it, Spread the Virus! Explain it with pictures, with examples from life and above all it explains more women! We can use any female support! And as described in the following paragraph, there is much hope for more women in the scene …


Grayscale study sees women on the move

Grayscale is a large investment company from New York that always attracts attention due to interesting studies and market analyzes. In a new study, however, unexpected conclusions were drawn: Female investors are on the rise and are even more suspicious of the development of the US economy than men. 43% of the women surveyed were interested in Bitcoin as an investment and 57% of the men. So the difference doesn’t seem as big as expected!

In addition, women are significantly more bullish than their male counterparts: 47% of the women surveyed believe the potential of the BTC price to increase, whereas only 39% of men believed this. 93% of women would also be more likely to invest in Bitcoin if they had more knowledge of the asset. The men are clearly behind with 84% approval. So there is hope for a more feminine future!