Australian drug investigators secure millions in crypto assets

Australian investigators tracked down a record discovery of drugs seized in a package. How the largest seizure of crypto assets in the country’s history occurred.


Australian drug investigators have seized crypto assets worth over a million US dollars. The discovery was part of an investigation into the import of MDMA, a substance known as ecstasy. As a result, two suspects have to stand trial.


The Australian Border Force (ABF) reported the incident on 4 December. According to the report, a drug discovery by the ABF triggered the investigation work that led to the confiscation of the crypto assets. The investigation was conducted by a special unit of the West Australian police specialising in drugs and firearms. The lead investigator stated that the find was the largest crypto currency seizure in Australia’s history. Whether the confiscated assets were Bitcoin or another currency, the officer left open. In view of the find, however, he stressed the importance of consistent drug investigation in the digital environment. He continued:


    “Using state-of-the-art technology and digital forensic techniques, we are thoroughly investigating all possible ways of storing financial assets and targeting all forms of assets that may originate from illicit drug trafficking.”


Drug find traced by investigators

It was ultimately a routine inspection on 31 October that led the Australian police on the trail of the suspects. Border guards ABF found large quantities of MDMA powder and ecstasy pills while screening a parcel from Great Britain. The drugs were hidden in a toy paint box. The drug investigators of the Western Australian police then began the investigation.

he trail led the police to a suburb of Perth. During a house search, they secured a large amount of cannabis and various items that are usually used to sell the drug. The officers also found an unspecified electronic device containing the key to the crypto-assets. As a result, drug investigators arrested the alleged clients of the MDMA order, a 27-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman. The two are now under trial. They have to answer for the possession of cannabis and the attempted possession of MDMA. The prosecution also suspects that they intend to sell both substances.


Criminals still interested in crypto currencies

The case illustrates that Bitcoin & Co. continues to attract criminals. Drug trafficking via the Darknet is just one example of illegal activities. Only a few months ago, US investigators unraveled a child pornography ring, which also operated in Darknet. The latter also used Bitcoin for its payment transactions. However, the Bitcoin transaction tracking also allowed the authorities to uncover the ring.