Airline Norwegian Air wants to introduce Bitcoin as a payment option

The low-cost airline Norwegian Air wants to introduce Bitcoin (BTC) as a possible means of payment and assigns this project the highest priority. As the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv reports, the Kjos family has taken this step forward as it is one of the co-founders of the airline, launching its own crypto exchange called NBX in August.

The NBX should in turn handle the crypto payments from Norwegian Air. The Kjos are said to own a significant amount of Bitcoin assets themselves, which is likely one of the reasons they are now trying to promote adoption of the cryptocurrency, starting with their own airline. At the same time, the own crypto exchange will be established as a payment service provider. Although the structure of the trading platform was previously known, this synergy was not announced in advance. Björn Kjos, the patriarch of the family, is said to own 412 million euros, and his children are among the wealthiest in the country, with son Lars Ola Kjos alone having invested 400,000 euros in Bitcoin. Stig A. Kjos-Mathisen, who also belongs to the family and is managing director of NBX, confirmed the new plans. So he stated to the newspaper:

“First, we will put the trading platform into operation, then the NBX will then launch a payment service, so that the customers of our airline can also pay with digital currencies.”

This would make Norwegian Air a small group of airlines that accept cryptocurrencies. The Latvian AirBaltic had dared this step in 2014 first.Norway is one of the most important Bitcoin mining sites in Europe. However, when the government canceled subsidies on electricity costs last year, the industry reacted negatively.