5 Bitcoin Lightning Games you should know


1. Lightning Duel

“This protocol isn’t big enough for the both of us.” This or something similar might have been the working title for Lightning Duel. Because as the name already suggests, the Satoshi Minigame takes us to the wild west. The game advertises with a demonstrably fair chance of 48 percent to win the Mexican Standoff and double the Satoshi bets.


2. Thunder sats

Rien ne va plus: Another way to gamble away hard earned Satoshi is Thunder Sats. The roulette simulation only accepts bets in hard currency, namely BTC. The minimum bet is 100 Satoshi and then everything on black!


3. Unlock

If you have a handful of Satoshi on the high edge, you can also try your luck with Unlock. The object of the game is to click on the correct locks and double the winnings of 50 Satoshi each time. But beware: if you miss too often, you lose everything.


4. Where is Nakamoto?

As long as the legendary background of the Bitcoin father is still unclear, the folklore around Satoshi Nakamoto should not stop. Where is Nakamoto? joins the search for the author of the Bitcoin White Paper and turns it into a mini-game.

Whoever gets the right field with a little luck will be richly rewarded. The main prize, Satoshi Nakamoto himself, is only available once in the 16 times-16 field. In return, the treasure’s lifter will be rewarded with 18,000 Satoshi.


5. RGB Slot

The game principle of RGB Slot is very simple: deposit Satoshi, make a bet and hope for the best. Because if the player achieves the right color combination, there are prizes to be won. The more improbable the result, the higher the take – logical. If you make the jump early enough, you have a fair chance of going home with more Satoshi than you bet. 

As in a real casino, however, the same applies to the Bitcoin counterpart: In the end, the bank always wins. As a small gimmick, the offers are nice. Prove that small applications can be built on Lightning in no time at all. However, users should not be tempted to bet large amounts of money.